AcrySof Toric Lens Implants

For Patients with Astigmatism

Eye Care Associates of Denton offers the AcrySof Toric lens implant, a design proven to correct for both cataracts and astigmatism simultaneously. Implanted in the eye to restore single-distance vision after cataract surgery, the AcrySof Toric lens has a unique patented design that provides both spherical and astigmatic correction. The AcrySof Toric intraocular lens belongs to the trusted family of Alcon AcrySof lens implants that are some of the most widely used intraocular lens for cataract surgery, with more than 30 million implanted worldwide. We invite you to call to have your questions answered or to make an appointment: 940-323-2020

AcrySof Toric Lens Implant


The AcrySof Toric lens is designed to reduce corneal astigmatism and improve uncorrected functional distance vision. The AcrySof Toric lens offers these advantages over traditional lens implants:

  • Correction of corneal astigmatism
  • Enhanced clarity and quality of uncorrected distance vision.
  • Filtered blue light protection
  • Rich, vibrant color perception

The AcrySof Toric lens is ideal for patients who wish to be corrected for distance vision and are comfortable wearing glasses. Because this lens does not offer the ability to accommodate or adjust one's vision to varying distances, glasses would be required for near and intermediate tasks for people who have this implant.

The AcrySof Toric lens implant is also an excellent choice for those who drive a lot at night, as it delivers great clarity with minimal reports of glare or haloes under both bright and dim lighting conditions.

 UV Blue Light Protection

In addition to its refractive role, the natural lens inside your eye is also responsible for filtering high-energy blue light commonly found within the sun's rays and some artificial light. As part of the aging process, your natural lens gradually turns yellow and it is thought that this change in color may help to protect the aging retina by filtering more of the these harmful wavelengths.

When your natural lens is removed during cataract surgery, the eye loses the ability to filter blue light because most available lens implants are clear and filter UV light only. A cataract surgery patient receiving one of those implants is left vulnerable to the transmission of UV blue light. Some researchers believe that overexposure to blue light may be harmful to the retina and may contribute to macular degeneration and loss of vision. The AcrySof Toric lens implant is unique in its ability to filter blue light, having a patented yellow tint that filters both UV and blue light.

The light yellow color of the AcrySof Toric lens is very similar to that of your natural lens and is necessary to filter blue light, yet the Toric lens does not alter the natural colors of the things you see or change the quality of your vision. In fact, results of a recent study show equal or better color perception for patients implanted with the AcrySof Toric lens as compared to the same lens without the light yellow color.

 Advantages of the AcrySof Toric Lens Implant

  • The AcrySof Toric intraocular lens is designed to correct for nearsightedness or farsightedness and corneal astigmatism of the human eye.
  • The AcrySof Toric intraocular lens is designed to have the lens capsule “shrink wrap” around it. This helps the lens stay stable and centered within the eye.
  • The patented yellow color of the AcrySof Toric intraocular lens implant is biocompatible and bonded to the structure of the acrylic material.
  • The yellow color of the AcrySof Toric intraocular lens implant, approximates the natural discoloration (i.e., natural yellowing) of a healthy adult crystalline lens, without a negative impact on color perception.
  • The AcrySof Toric intraocular lens implant is compatible with secondary cataract treatment (i.e., Nd:YAG laser treatment), if required.

The AcrySof Toric lens is available in a wide range of optical powers that effectively correct eye that are nearsighted and farsighted. As each patient is unique, both in physiology and in viewing distance preferences, the correct power intraocular lens for your cataract surgery will be selected using biometry equipment. An in-depth discussion of your needs and options will take place with your eye surgeon Dr. Haq at Eye Care Associates of Denton.

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