Eye Patient Payment Policies

At Eye Care Associates of Denton, one of our goals include making your vision care affordable. One of the ways in which we do this is by keeping our billing costs down. Our billing and payment policies are designed to help achieve this goal. This requires that our patients thoroughly understand what their insurance plan covers and does not cover with regard to medical benefits.
You can also help by remembering to:

  • Bring a valid form of ID.
  • Bring your valid insurance card(s) to the office for every appointment.
  • Notify us as well of any changes in your insurance coverage.
  • Bring some form of payment (see below) for any co-payments or other amounts that may be due at the time of service.
  • Bring a current referral with you if your insurance requires one.


Eye Care Associates of Denton participates in all major insuranceplans. Before coming in please call your insurance company to verify that Eye Care Associates of Denton, Dr. Nadeem Haq is “in network” with your specific insurance plan.

Insurance plans all differ in the level of benefits they provide and the medical services for which they will pay.  Because of this it is very important that you understand your medical benefits before being treated.  You should read your insurance coverage documents to clearly understand your benefits or contact your insurance company or employer if necessary.

Co-Payments, Patient Payments

Your insurance coverage my require you to pay a deductible each year. Your insurance coverage may also require you to pay a certain amount – a co-payment or co-insurance – each time you visit the doctor. Any co-payments or co-insurances must be paid at the time of service. Patients who are not covered by insurance must pay in full at the time of their service. We do offer a prompt pay discount to our self-pay patients.

Forms of Payment

We accept Cash, Master Card, Visa, Discover and Care Credit

 Mastercard Logo Visa Logo Discover Network Logo American Express LogoCareCredit Logo

For personal checks or credit cards, we require a valid driver’s license or similar identification for verification of identity.

Returned Checks

Checks returned to us for insufficient funds will result in a charge of $30.00 to the patient’s account.

Invoicing, Overdue Balances, Patient Account Inquiries

We will send an invoice to patients with account balances generally within one month of the date of service or if applicable, after payment or after a denial of payment from an insurance company. Payment of invoices is due upon receipt. If the balance remains without payment, we will attempt to contact you by telephone to resolve any issues or answer any questions. While we will not deny medical care when urgently needed, we will however encourage patients to clear up all outstanding /over due patient balances prior to seeing the doctor.

Please call (940)323-2020 to make a payment or to ask questions about your account.

Changes in Payment Policies

Our payment policies are subject to change without notice.  This website will include the current version of these policies.